No country in the world is fully self-sufficient. Raw materials, traditional products or high-tech materials may need to be brought from other supply sources abroad. Some countries may use different supply sources in this case, and some others are committed to a single source.


CMMR GLOBAL provides the highest quality service for the companies operating in Turkey and requesting to use external procurement elements. By taking in consideration alternative procurement processes, our company targets the maximum customer satisfaction by obtaining the highest quality product from its source and delivering it to the customer through the requested delivery form at the most cost-effective way.

Our Product Groups


Raw Materials




Hotel Equipments

Spare Parts

Textiles (Textile Products)

FCMG - Food Products

Hydraulic & Pneumatic / Pumps

Fire Safety & Fire Protection Equipment

Compressors, Generators and Equipments

Medical Equipments / Devices

Automotive Industry

Sanitary ware Products

Forklifts and Tow Trucks

Industrial Products

Paper & Printing & Packaging Products

Electrical and Electronic Products

Gears, Motors and Equipments

Construction & Building Products

Bearings and Belts

Agricultural Machinery & Equipments

Furniture & Wood Products

Baby Products and Accessories

Healthcare Products

Heavy Duty Machines

Elevator Spare Parts